The Company


i Safebox Sdn. Bhd.
360 Security. Total peace of mind.

iSafebox is a company which provides safebox rental services to the public and businesses, Our business is built around our customers and their personal treasures, the things they worked hard for in life, the things that matter.

peti simpanan That is why our private safebox house is custom-built to guarantee 360 degree security at all times. Every aspect of security is enforced, every angle of intrusion is covered, and every safebox is insured by the world's largest public-listed property and casualty insurance provider. We leave nothing to chance, so our customers can focus on life, free from worry and disruptions.


The Logo & Icon

peti simpanan

'i' represents the customer and the dot represents his/her peace of mind. When a customer’s possessions are totally secure, his/her peace of mind is also fully protected.


The icon encapsulates our promise of all-round security, where every angle is covered, leaving nothing to chance. The box can also be seen as protecting the customer’s peace of mind from all worries and disruptions.

Key Partners

Our Key partners in building the iSafebox business include the biggest name in insurance and security, established vault and strongroom construction engineers and builders, and award-winning brand consultants.

Projected Growth


Franchising Opportunities

Franchising will be an integral part of iSafebox's expansion in the future. We seek only the most trustworthy and qualified of partners.

Marketing Agents

Agents are a vital part of iSafebox's business. We provide a variety of marketing tools and resources as well as attractive sales commission rates to drive their success.

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138, Jalan Rahmat 1, Taman Malim Jaya,
75250 Melaka, Malaysia.

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Weekdays : 10am - 8pm
Saturdays : 10am - 5pm
Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.

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Tel : +606 332 3355
Hp : +6011 1057 5839
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