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Melaka Law and Order (27th June 2018)

Melaka’s security issues have always been a concern to the local authorities, especially crimes like robberies, snatches, burglaries, property break-ins and more.

State police Chief Deputy Comm Datuk Abdul Jalil Hassan said, earlier this year there were already 970 reported cases with burglaries being the most common (184 cases), 143 cases of thefts and 85 cases of robberies. The public is compelled to stay alert as a result of the poor safety condition of the environment. Out of the 970 cases, Central Melaka District made up of the majority of 799, Alor Gajah was accounted for 98 and Jasin had 73.

With that, the police reinforced their patrolling teams with the co-operation from the local community which ended with the success of resolving 60% of the crime cases. However, Melaka has been facing a problem of having a shortage of police force for some time now.

In order to boost the locals’ confidence, the state government has decided to prioritize setting up more police stations in the state, especially the building of three police stations in Ayer Keroh, Tanjung Minyak and Sungai Rambai as they are currently operating from rented shophouses.

Chief Minister Adly Zahari had also raised a report to the Federal Government in expediting the requests to construct the three mentioned police stations.

The locals are getting more anxious towards their safety. Aside from avoiding to wear expensive accessories and branded bags in public areas, more people are doing their best to keep themselves safe like keeping dogs at home, bringing self-defense tools out and even storing their valuables in safety boxes.

Many members of the public actually spent a lot in getting a safety box at home. Generally, a medium range safety box costs thousands and it does not guarantee that it is not removable by burglars.

Comparably, I Safebox is undoubtedly a more stable and cost-efficient choice – I Safebox’s strongroom is made up of steel and concrete, adopts the latest CCTV system and utilizes a 24-hours security network. All these professional safeguarding features are highly accessible at a reasonable price.

In addition, the Director’s of Melaka Fire and Rescue Department Kamaruzaman pointed out that there were close to 400 reports of fire around Hari Raya Season for the past three years and the losses were estimated to worth more than ten millions. One of the main reasons of blaze was the excess usage of electricity so the public should be more careful in using electric power.

The best way to evade the loss of valuables is to keep them in safety boxes with anti-fire features. The ruthless fire has no mercy to your treasures but I Safebox has the power to defend them from the fire.



Malacca is getting more dangerous! Even with CCTV is not safe enough!

Worried for your treasured belongings? A private safebox house will set you free from these worries!

The overall safety of the society has been gradually deteriorating - even with security features installed in properties, the risk of facing disruptions does not get much lower! Recently, a Malaccan congressman, Dato Simhad just encountered a distressing event where robbers dismantled the CCTV system and broken into his house through the back window. With that, they had managed to bag a variety of valuables including jewelries, watches, laptops and more before escaping. It was a huge loss to the congressman.

So, is there a safest way of storing your precious assets? iSafebox, is Malacca’s first and only professional safebox deposit rental service provider.

Integrated with advanced and sophisticated technology, iSafebox’s personal safebox only requires RM1.20 per day (including RM20,000 worth of protection) to take away your worries by safeguarding your treasured valuables in the most comprehensive ways possible.

iSafebox offers impenetrable strongrooms which is built with steel and concrete that covers every surface, literally from its ceiling to the floor. The best part is, any part of every plane of the vault is engineered to resist breaking attempts of all types of tools like diamond core drill, crowbars, torches, disc-cutters and more. In addition to the sturdy structure, the ground access is sealed with 300mm deep concrete floor with high-tensile deformed steel bars, further preventing any possible form of intrusion.

Besides having strong physical properties, iSafebox safety features have also incorporated high quality digital and electronic gadgets to administer 360 degree surveillance and protection for you and your precious belongings. iSafebox’s electronic safety features include panic buttons, double biometric-authorisation, HD CCTVs, motion sensors, security provider center monitoring station and many other. iSafebox also partners with top quality professiona; financial safeguarding bodies, namely Chubbsafes and Bosch to deliver an all-inclusive protection service for you and your family.

Prevention is ALWAYS better than cure! If you have a Maybank credit card user, you will be awarded with 20% discount for all type of safety boxes with iSafebox! To find out more about iSafebox, please visit or call 06-332 3355 / 011-1057 5839 for further inquiries.

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